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The actor


Tantra philosophy compares soul/God with an actor, naTa. As per Tantra, the world/maya is in hand of the soul/God like a mirror. The soul/God acts and watches Himself in the mirror to amuse Himself. Through maya only can the soul/God can see His own deeds. The cosmic dance goes on.

Here, at Punarjani, Munnar, Kerala, a Kathakali performer applying make up, visible only through the mirrorĀ  he is handling.


…ction Refra(Refra(…)ction)ction Refra…

An array of glasses is visible within a single glass - and such arrays


I saw a Hindu man with ‘tripundra’ on forehead and a Muslim woman in burkha shopping at a medical store named “Popular Medical”. Pretty poetic about oneness of humanity against common enemies like sickness.
The poetry enhances as the “Popular” store, that represents traditional faiths, is darker than brighter road.
The poetry peeks by the secular looking Muslim boy looking outwardly at the road grabbing his mother’s dress.
Is there a common faith? Yes. It is in well-being, science and the new generation!

A Hindu man with "tripundra" and a Muslim woman in Burkha shopping at a medical store

Canopy of a palm at Angsana Resort, Bangalore

A Fruit of a Family Tree

Graves and gravel

How greedy descendents don't give a damn to the graves of their ancestors